Warm Greetings!


         It give us immense pleasure to appreciate your gesture towards philanthropy and welcome you online  by introducing ourselves as a philanthropic foundation legally constituted in compliance to Indian law (Central & State) as a voluntarily, apolitical, secular, non-sectarian, non-discriminatory, non-proselytizing, non-for-profit & non-governmental multidisciplinary charitable social service organization directly benefiting marginalized and unprivileged communities in the thematic verticals of education, public health and poverty alleviation through numerous projects that seeks to empower and impact their lives irrespective of any affiliations, caste, creed or gender in rural and semi-urban geographical locations of India. 

        We anxiously look forward to connect with you for bringing sustainable changes in the lives of marginalized and unprivileged sections of our Indian society through any or all of our thematic domains of social service.


  Target Beneficiaries
Our beneficiaries comprises mainly of the following but not limited to irrespective of caste, creed, gender, affiliations and our interventions primarily target those areas where poverty and socio-economic indicators are below the national average.

* Children from disadvantaged / unprivileged / marginalized families 
* Adults from Migrant / Irregular “Footloose” Daily-wage labor families
* Elders / Abandoned / Women / Adolescents from unprivileged background
* Drug addicts / alcoholics /  disturbed families
* General Public (Rural) areas
* Government Deptts (Police, Fire, Municipal, Health)


  Non-Pecuniary Resource Partners

Helping Hand Foundation is proud to partner with organizations / individuals that / those share similar commitment to finding victories over poverty.  We are grateful to our partners – featured below – for their enduring non-monetary support / commitment through generous contributions /  assistance of services or resources.

Our partners help bring renewed hope and opportunities to families and communities from the marginalized and unprivileged sections of Indian society.

We acknowledge and thank our resource partners for their continuous support.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at hhfngo2011@gmail.com to connect with us.

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