APPLICATION PROCEDURE (Members & Volunteers)

Any individual who is physically and mentally fit with an inner urge to help the society in any way possible may apply for volunteership or membership of our organization.



  1. Volunteering : You need to contact us through the provisions of the website and / or  email your profile following which we will  send you the  application form, which needs to be submitted to us after filling in all information vide hard and soft copies.


  1. Membership : Same procedure as above  along with non-political reference and membership fees by cheque.




  1. Upon receipt of your resume/ application form/fees, we will email / snail-mail you our approval within 48 Hrs /  or after personal interview (whichever is earlier)


  1. Membership Certificates will be granted after approval of application




  1. We reserve the right to expel members / volunteers with / without prior notice in case of breach of any laws, rules & regulations pertaining  to the organization or of the land.
  2. Individuals should not join the NGO as members in view to gain instant management positions.
  3. If any member is found to be inactive for a term of 3 years after date of joining, he/she shall be expelled \ from membership with prior   notice.


All members shall be taken as General Members, They may be absorbed in the  Executive Board during elections after every 5  years based on their performances, activity, behavioral record, contributions  etc… to / in the organization.


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