Regulatory Compliance Management

We Confirm:

  1. The Annual accounts, are prepared on the basis of the accounting policies adopted by the organization in compliance to the existing accounting standards wherever necessary, the audit of the accounts are carried out by qualified Chartered Accountant in a rigid process.
  2. Sufficient care has been taken for the maintenance of accounts as per the applicable legal statues of India.
  3. During day to day operations of the organization, ethical accountability, value of money have been given highest  priority. NO part of the income during the previous years have been applied and  used directly or indirectly for the benefit of :
    1. The founder or founders or trustees or their families/relatives.
    2. Any person who has made a substantial contribution to the organization.
    3. Any concerns in which the above mentioned category of persons have substantial interest (As required U/s 13 (3) of Income Tax Act, 1961)
  4. None of the members/trustees/governing board has been given any honorarium and none of them occupies a place of profit in the organization.
  5. All our initiatives, programs & events are currently funded by member contribution and seasonal domestic donors & well-wishers.
  6. All accounts are audited annually and copies of the annual reports are available to general public & prospective donors on request.
  7. 100% of all monetary donations are directly utilized in our initiatives benefiting marginalized communities.
  8. Administrative expenses are borne by the trustees
  9. 100% of all in-kind (Non-monetary) donations benefit our beneficiaries from the marginalized communities
  10. Annual Income-Tax Returns are filed online through ITR-7
  11. Copies of annual reports along with audited statement of accounts are submitted to office of Charity Commissioner, Thane every year along with change reports as deem fit and proper.
  12. Periodical statistical reports are submitted to all concerned government departments/partner organizations/donors/Police departments.

                Please Contact us to obtain E-copy of Annual and Audit Report

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