Appeal to Support Humanitarian Causes

Dear Valuable Visitor,

Helping Hand Foundation is self financed for its day to day activities. We are not supported by any Government organizations / political parties / institutions. We are successful in giving qualitative care to our beneficiaries and it is all because of contributions from people like you. Whether a donation is given once or in regular intervals is of course left to the decision of the donor. 96 – 98% of monetary donations are utilized on direct beneficiaries, whereas 02-04% are utilized for administrative purpose. You may choose any of the options below to donate. Your Valuable donations are not used for any political or religious purposes. Your contribution will provide us with financial support to run our various programs. Although an unrestricted donation helps us makes the most judicious use of your donation, please do let us know if you would like us to direct your donation for a specific program. However, if the program, of your choice has already been picked by another donor, we will use your donation towards another program.

With the vision to empower and impact lives of marginalized communities, we are entering into another year wherein various new steps and initiatives are to be implemented and strengthened. We sincerely acknowledge and appreciate the immense support of our partners, volunteers, members, and supporters, towards this noble cause.

We are thankful to our general assembly, executive board members and donors for their constant support and guidance, and extend the appreciation to the entire team of HHF for their dedication, commitment and contribution.

The journey so far would not have been possible without the support of every one of you

We hope and aspire to continue to work with all the more enthusiasm and passing in the coming years as well with your support and guidance. 

You can make a huge difference in someone’s life !

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