Quality English education, school supplies, uniforms, books, stationary, bags, nutrition, health screenings, celebrations of all major events and festivals, mainstream academic sessions for Nursery and Kindergarten, sports, Bi-annually Summative assessments, enrollment in formal English Schools are accessed free of any remuneration by children from marginalized families of migrant labor communities who work as irregular “daily-wagers” in unorganized construction sector and reside in rented premises deprived of any basic civic/private facilities including no sanitation, water, the houses have un-plastered walls, tin roofs and uneven floors on a hilly terrain beside municipal garbage dumping ground. The children are given quality education irrespective of caste, creed and affordability.

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Educational sponsorship is the way in which we part sponsor or completed sponsor the education expenses of unprivileged students studying in English Schools, the said students are scrutinized to identify genuine cases. You can make a difference in the life of a child through a one-time or monthly donation to our education program or by sponsoring a child. Kindly contact +91 9987923843 to find out more about this project.

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Free Remedial education session for the children who have either dropped out of the education system or have disturbed education and family background at tender age between 6 year to 14 years of age belonging to the marginalized and unprivileged labor class workers community in Rural Mira Bhayander is an initiative of our organization which imparts remedial basic education in English with the vision to empower them sustain themselves basically in this cruel world and learn basic English vocabulary so as to sufficiently mainstream them in regular formal education system. The beneficiaries are accessed to free standard open remedial syllabus of English education regular attendance, celebrations of events, festivals, sports day, annual day etc along with free notebooks, school stationary, Umbrellas, Energy Drinks and other misc. It is to be noted that few of the children from this batch have been mainstreamed in local municipal schools.  We could  not mainstream others in English Schools due to lack of funds. The said remedial session functions from our Community Development Initiatives Centre (CWIC), Uttan from 4.00 to 6.00 pm  Monday through Friday.

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Summer camps provide structured opportunities for unprivileged children to grow skillfully particularly extracurricular activities, arts, crafts, games, health and hygiene, food and nutrition, thus utilize their summers effectively and develop valuable skills and minimize chances of engaging in anti-social activities.:

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Dissemination of public information through sessions, events or workshops are organized periodically to sensitize the members of the public in target areas especially laws concerning women and children.

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