Non-Pecuniary Donation Requirements

Helping Hand Foundation is always ready to welcome like-minded individuals, students, corporate houses, and well-wishers to be our members, donors, partners & volunteers who wish to help us  in our mission by donating their time, energy, skills & resources. There are numerous ways in which you can help us impacting lives and building better communities.


 Our Organization is looking for generous donors like you

If you like to be a part of this effort, you can render your support in the following ways: 


01. Uncooked Food Items (For assistance to needy, unemployed / sick elders)


a. Rice

b. Dal

c. Sugar

d. Tea Powder

e. Wheat / Flour

f. Any other as deem fit and proper

02. Medicine / Medical Aid  (For assistance to needy, unemployed / sick elders)


a. Sponsorship of Prescribed medicines for treatment of Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Stroke.

b. Nutrition powder / Products

03. Blankets / Apparels   (For assistance to needy, unemployed / sick elders)


a. New Blankets during Winter Months

b. New Apparels

c. Pre-owned apparels (in good wearable conditions), (No Torn, Soiled or any type of under-garments are accepted by our beneficiaries)

04. Toys / Play items / Games  (For assistance to unprivileged children  / Toy Bank )

a. New toys for age-group 03 to 14 years(both genders)

b. Pre-owned Toys/Play Items / Games : (in good clean working conditions) (No damaged, scrap, non-functional, torn items will be accepted)

05. School Notebooks / Stationary  (For assistance to unprivileged children). (Kindly contact us to learn about current requirements)

a. New notebooks for school (Class Nursery to Std Xth)  

b. Stationary (Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Crayons, Compass boxes,)

c. Water bottles, Lunch Boxes, School Bags

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