1. Any Indian Individual above the age of 18 years who is directly / indirectly not affiliated to any political parties, terrorist organizations, anti-social elements, black-listed organizations, illegal establishments, nature may apply for membership.
  2. Any Indian Individual who is accused of any criminal offences by any court in India or Overseas should not apply for membership.
  3. Any Indian Individual having substantial cause to work for the marginalized at ground level are welcomed irrespective of their caste, creed or gender.
  4. Any Indian individual intending to be our member is encourage to join as a volunteer for at least 15 months and then apply for membership based on his/her experiences with us.

As a member, you will access a world of opportunities, from networking with the corporate majors of Indian and global industry to assisting in framing economic and industrial policies, through close linkage with the government. HHF’s proactive approach focuses on helping you to increase efficiency and competitiveness including and not limited to :

  1. Cross platform exposure
  2. Project Research/Strategy
  3. Corporate Affairs Involvement
  4. Beneficiaries Domain Analysis
  5. Advisory Board Empanelment
  • Learning
    • Global trends that affect your social work
    • Industry best practices on competitiveness
    • Improve internal efficiency and productivity
    • Get an insight into Government policies and their impact on masses
  • Networking
    • Networking opportunities with Indian and Global organizations
    • Platform to enhance your image and develop newer strategies
  • Sharing
    • Share your best practices with other members
    • Help enhance competitiveness of Indian Industry
  • Caring
    • Opportunity to give back to society
    • Get involved with important initiatives in the areas of Child Education, Women Empowerment, Fight against HIV/AIDS, Disaster management etc.
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